Female Firsts: Women Making BAFTA History


Happy International Women’s Day!

BAFTA has chosen to announce our exhibition today: Female Firsts: Women Making BAFTA History. Something I’m really proud to have been working on for the last six months.

The exhibition considers ‘female firsts’ within the film, TV and games industries over the course of BAFTA’s history.

My personal favourite discovery is Kay Mander: Hull-born filmmaker who directed a bunch of radical documentaries interrogating women’s social issues in the 1930s and ’40s — including ‘Housing Problems’ in 1935, featuring the stories of five working-class women who spoke frankly about their sub-par living conditions.

She was the first woman to win (what later became) a BAFTA in 1949. After this, she decided to try her hand at bigger and more ambitious projects but repeatedly faced setbacks, not only of a sexist nature but also because she was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party.

She was a boss.

Come see the show!