Matt runs the Xenogothic blog.

He is currently a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths,
writing on the history and continued relevance of
the Gothic to contemporary geopolitics
and subjectivities.


"Acid Communism"
(Krisis, 2018)

"Points of View"
(ŠUM #9, 2018)

"Experiments in the Summoning of an AxSys Demon"
(Vast Abrupt, 2018)

"Reaching Out to the Other"
(Vast Abrupt, 2018)

"Community Remains"
(Epilogue, 2017)

"Introduction to 'Flatline Constructs'"
(The Fisher-Function, 2017)

"Songs in the Dark"
(Leaving the Building, 2014)

Talks, Lectures & Events

(Punctum, Prague, 2018)

"For K-Punk: 50 years // July '68"
(SET, London, 2018)

Conversation with Justin Murphy
(YouTube, 2018)

"Consciousness Razing"
(SET, London, 2018)

"For K-Punk"
(Tola, London, 2018)

"Flatline Constructs"
(The Fisher-Function, London, 2017)

"Monastic Vampirism"
(Knowledge Exchange, London 2017)


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